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Hello and welcome to my website - an insight into me and my work.  (That's me on the left, standing with my beautiful wife who is also my Assistant).

I’m Michael, a Hampshire based Wedding Photographer who has a passion not just for capturing beautiful moments but for cataloguing an experience. The emotion, the pride, the exchanges, the delight. The enormity of your day. This is my job. To report through imagery the captivating story of your wedding.

A great wedding photographer requires technical skill, sure. And an ability to put people at ease, of course. But more than this, I am a true believer that the best photographs come from the sort of distance and covert observation that many do not maintain. Formal shots out of the way, these are your precious moments to share in the company of your guests and from my position, unseen and unheard in the background of your day, I am able to capture those fascinating, glorious moments of interaction and the uncensored, heart-warming magic of shared emotion.

It takes skill to shoot a wedding but acute observation to document memories. This is my pledge to you as a guest at your wedding. I do not build a portfolio of work, I put your wedding in a frame.

The emotion, 

the pride, 

the exchanges,

the delight...

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